Relax.. You are in Sevilla.

Spending few days in Andalusia, it’s the relaxation of the mind and the body.

People in Seville are very happy, the lifestyle here is very relaxed, you can walk everywhere; It is very easy. Paz Vega

She is absolutely right, Sevilla is a warm city were you can happily walk, discover the city on your bike. Sometimes you will enjoy cities by doing normal and easy activities like those that I mentioned. Sevilla is one of them. The sun is your best friend, he will give some vitamin and lot of happiness. People are very sociable, don’t hesitate to start a conversation.

Try this experiment : Smile at stranger, they will smile back at you.Me

No schedule, just walking around the street


HURRY UP, hurry up its always the same.. You don’t want to be late at your appointment so
you run to catch the bus because if you are not catching him you will be VERY late. Hopefully you manage to get in but there is the lot of traffic jam.. No ending life cycle.
Sevilla is the perfect city where you can breathe and let the time control you.

Borrow a bike

biking around Seville

Our hostel was 3 km far from the city of Sevilla, instead of walking like any others people would do, we decided my friend and me to borrow bikes. It was fun, rolling everywhere and racing at any cycling track we could find like kids. At the end of the day and after 10 km we begin to think if it’s ok to keep them until our departure. (it illegal :))
That’s the cool part of the story.. Let’s begin the hard part : like any service in the world when you borrow something it’s a time counting system who will count per minutes/hours. We completely forgot, we were playing and enjoying without even thinking of what’s come after. My God it’s was so good to have that feeling.
It’s cost us 30e including taxes.

Real Alcazar



The Alcazar garden is the most relaxing place to visit, It’s a special garden with a soul, perhaps one of the most beautiful in Spain. The way he was created is unique, Wikipedia said that one of the aesthetic function is bringing pleasure. They hit the point. The Umeyyad architecture is famous and still used a lot in North Africa and especially in Fez (Morocco).


arabic calligraphy

Fuente de Híspalis


Want to watch a great women flamenco dancer ? Its possible in the Hispalis Fountain place. The show takes place before sunset in the animated place, facing the fountain the red ­flamenco shoes is in frantic move and produce a rhythmic song. The dancer is concentrated and play her partitions perfectly well for your beautiful eyes.

Plaza de Espagna


The gorgeous palace is one of the Sevilla’s most famous and beautiful place. Built in 1928 to host an Ibero­ American exposition, the palace is now a historical and inspirational place. What do you think Princess Leia ?

Guadalquivir and Torre Del Oro


Guadalquivir is the biggest river and I think the only one in Spain where It’s possible to navigate by boat.

Sevilla was once a city port with lot of traffic.
At sunset, Guadalquivir offer a good landscape for a photo, you can eat and drink nearby the river.

Torre del Oro was built to protect the city of Sevilla from invaders and thieves. The watch tower was built by the Muslim Almohad dynasty.

I listed the more relaxing place to visit, though there are a lot of places that’s worth the detour:

Some other places are worth the detour
– Casa de Pilatos (free only to EU citizens)
– Real Fábrica de Tabacos (free Monday to Friday)
– Archivo de Indias (free every day)
– Museums (free only to EU citizens & students)

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