6 things to do in Sicily


Catane and his Suburb


The Etna Volcano is a must see place for who are in love with mother nature. He is the tallest active one in Europe (3329 meters). If you are afraid of heights like me or if you are frightened of the slightest thing like the fall of the cable car that’s means it will be challenging for you like it was for me.

The weather is getting colder as you climb the mount Etna. I was freezing when I was in the cable car while we are moving up to the second and the last base. I noticed that is more difficult to breath at 2500 meters due to the lack of the oxygen.

Once there, the first thing that struck me is a young Chinese women who was laying down with lot of people around telling her to breath intensively. She probably cannot breath well enough.

The first base (Sapienza refuge) offers you an amazing view of Catania and shades of her houses and at the top bottom the blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

Piazza Duomo

One of the main place in center city of Catania, in the middle of it is the Elephant fountain named “U Liotru” in reference to a semi­legendary magician Heliodorus.

Cattedrale di Saint’Agata is facing the fountain, by Sunday night, the Cattedrale is crowded by Sicilian neighborhood and visitors here to hear the mass.

Piazza Università

Piazza Universita

Near Piazza Duomo, Pizzia Università is another historical place. Università Degli Studi Di Catania was a place built near 1696, after the earthquake of 1693.

Piazza Stesicoro

Piazza Stesicoro

Piazza Stesicoro is beautiful by night, you can walk around, go shopping, eating and eating over again and visiting Anfiteatro Romano, Villa Cerami and lot of beautiful Churches.

I got hungry while I was walking so I stopped by the first restaurant I saw. I got lucky because everything they cook was tasty and delicious. The restaurant is beautiful and the food service was fast. My best meal in Catania definitively.

Riviera dei Ciclopi


Riviera is well known in Catania and part of the top beautiful coast in Catania. The legendary coast north of the city was named for her giant rocks in reference of Polyphemus, the giant son of Poseidon who threw these boulders in the sea to express his rage against Ulysses.


I had to choose between Palermo and Syracuse because I didn’t manage my time very well, I slept lately and take time to wake up.. So I choose Palermo because I rented a car, thought the city was not far from Catania. (3 hrs by hight way) So I did it and stayed all the night in Palermo.

Some other places are worth the detour
– Syracuse
– Taormina
– Palermo

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